The carrying out of the sacraments, teaching words of God, leading the members in appreciation as well as prayer and also giving spiritual assistance will certainly be his main duties. Regular management of the sacraments is a major part of praise, a pastor will certainly need to provide unique factor to consider to this aspect. The material and the timing of the solutions will certainly require to be such that it motivates the attendance of all the participants of a household, regardless old. The pastor will need to deal with the people to make it relevant to that certain family however within the scope of the religious concepts. Being a component of the board or council that manages the events of the church is needed to be able to provide the ministry. This includes being able to operate in appointment with the various other participants of the board or council. He will certainly need to visit the members in their homes, have the ability to counsel them and aid them with petition as and also when called upon to do so. These jobs are considered occupations and also not main-stream employment.