Just one person has ever done this. And also He is the writer of A Program In Miracles, Jesus. For us, this includes those who have actually betrayed our count on and bullied us. Simply the idea of these individuals would certainly often hurt, raising past feelings. A very clear example of such a circumstance would certainly be a man who saw his family members being killed by his neighbors. A couple of months after, he went to a fellowship where he listened to a mentor regarding loving your next-door neighbors. He was so distressed with what he heard. Later that day, he came close to the speaker stating, “Pastor, how can you love your neighbors if they were the ones that killed your household, and also you were there to witness all of it? Tell me, pastor, are they also fit to be called your next-door neighbors?” The pastor calmly responded to, “If you can't enjoy them as your neighbors, then love them as your opponents”. No person recognized what occurred afterwards, but certainly it would certainly have been a battle for that person to approve what the priest has actually said. Genuine love is close to impossible for people. Nevertheless, A Course In Miracles educates us about what Jesus would certainly have wanted us to do. Rather, it was Him, Himself. Jesus liked even those that were deemed impossible to love. These individuals were sinners and in many cases, the most awful of them all. It was a spotless act of love confirmed by forgiveness. A Course In Miracles teaches hunters about this kind of love, as well as exactly how to live out this sort of love.