Surprisingly, Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, the popular priest of Moody Memorial Church in Chicago, nullifies crucial scriptural messages of warning. In so doing this evangelical Christian leader guarantees streets of gold to the unrepentant blatantly opposing D. Moody, the creator of his very own motion, on the fundamentals of the faith. Thousands of devoted believers who appreciate a lot of Dr. Lutzer’s motivational mentor do not understand that their cherished priest as well as leader (in addition to his author Moody Press) has wandered off from the fundamental, salvation doctrines of their owners. When these Christians accept Erwin Lutzer’s training they think they are in line with scripture in addition to D. (Girl 5:19 -21). Such a message appears blatantly obvious without discourse, however I must ask: What do you assume this cautioning to those exercising immorality as well as drunkenness methods? That is, what does Paul mean by the phrase “shall not acquire?” “For if ye live after the flesh,” says Paul in a similar message, “ye shall pass away: however if ye through the Spirit do mortify the actions of the body, ye shall live. ” In keeping with thousands of years of Christian history, the apostle is plainly warning sinners about not getting in the kingdom of God. Those who exercise such transgressions will certainly not be prevented from going into the kingdom, however will certainly be barred from inheriting it” (Lutzer, Your Eternal Reward, p. Lutzer promises paradise to those who exercise as well as are also identified by immorality, impurity, idolatry, sorcery or drunkenness!”If several of these wrongs defines their Christian lives, as well as they refuse to evaluate the wickedness, they will forfeit the honor of kingdom policy” (Lutzer, Your Eternal Award, p. ” Can drunkenness be the identifying attribute of a believer eventually headed for paradise? May the intoxicated stumbling from the regional bar night after evening yet be bound for paradise? The guy under whose name Dr. Moody thought and taught, in addition to Paul as well as historic Christianity, that if we do not inherit the kingdom that we absolutely do not enter it. Not only has Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer never replied to obvious contractions between the doctrine of himself as well as D. Moody though it was resolved in our correspondence.