” With this in mind, participants in communion break and eat bread and consume a little ‘shot of a glass of wine’. However, it depends on each private church just how communion is set up, due to the fact that the setup itself has no theological importance. For instance, the bread utilized is unleavened, as it is thought that this is the kind of bread the would certainly have been served at the Last Supper. Nonetheless, the Gospel flows just discuss the “fruit of the creeping plant. Generally little private cups are made use of to represent the “mug. Most of the time, both the bread and also the white wine are served by the priest to the deacons. In larger churches, the priests may usually offer each other, permitting the deacons to focus on serving the churchgoers. It is necessary to note that communion is just taken by those that have actually gone through a believer’s baptism, though this does vary from members to members as well. Because of this, there are 3 types of communion:1. Open up communion allows any individual who professes to be a Christian to take communion.