When seeing, frequently going to, or signing up with a church, it is important to recognize and be aware of that specific church’s beliefs. There are 4 points the Baptist church think concerning baptism that are backed up by bible: 1. This means anyone who is not a follower, such as children as well as youngsters or adults that have not yet make a statement of Belief, might not partake in the rite of baptism. The Baptist believe in immersion, as backed by bible, for 2 reasons: * First of all, the English word “baptize” originates from the Greek word “baptizein”; when literally translated, the closest English word is in fact “immersion”. In Matthew 3:16, Jesus himself is plainly submersed by John the Baptist. And again in Acts 8:37 -38, it is created that Philip takes the eunuch down into the water as he baptizes him. Baptism is not a requirement for redemption. Those who have actually made a profession of faith, yet that have actually not been baptized, may not enter of a Baptist Church (though please identify that church membership is not a demand for salvation). Through guide of Acts, it is created that the church adhered to the order of redemption, baptism, as well as ultimately ending in full church membership. This is likewise referenced in Matthew 16:25 -33.