Instead, these are purely symbolic acts that were regulated of Christ’s fans by Christ Himself. This is in fact the 2nd ordinance in the Baptist church and it is taken after the Last Supper, which was taped in the Gospels in which Jesus says to “do this in remembrance of me. ” With this in mind, individuals in communion break and eat bread and drink a small ‘shot of a glass of wine’. Typically, Baptists offer communion to participants wherever they are seated. However, it is up to each private church how communion is prepared, since the plan itself has no doctrinal relevance. More crucial than seating or arrangement is the communion itself. For example, the bread utilized is unleavened, as it is thought that this is the type of bread the would certainly have been offered at the Last Dinner. ” It is never called a glass of wine therein. In bigger churches, the pastors may often serve one another, permitting the deacons to concentrate on offering the congregation. Communion can be held as frequently as the church needs. Nonetheless, a lot of the time communion occurs throughout a regular worship solution. As such, there are 3 sorts of communion:1. Closed communion happens when just members of that local members can take part.