Baptist churches instruct that Jesus commissioned immersion as the means of baptism for the New Testament Church. The scripture referenced in Matthew 28:19 -20, Mark 16:14 -16, as well as Acts 8:36 -37 additional discusses this aspect of the Baptist religion’s idea of baptism. The Baptist rely on immersion, as backed by bible, for 2 reasons: * To start with, the English word “baptize” comes from the Greek word “baptizein”; when essentially equated, the closest English word is really “immersion”. * Secondly, there are scripture flows that sustain total immersion, while there are no passages that sustain pouring or sprinkling. Baptism is not a need for salvation. Baptism is imply as a testimony that the one receiving the rite of baptism has actually currently gotten Jesus Christ as their Savior. With the book of Acts, it is created that the church complied with the order of redemption, baptism, and also lastly ending in total church subscription.