About thirty years later on, one more Baptist group emerged and also split off from a Puritan Independent congregation. ” This latter group believed in baptism with immersion, a technique later on followed by all Baptists. The Great Awakening revival throughout the eighteenth century deepened this cause additionally. He had actually established a following huge adequate within 3 years to create the Sandy Creek Association, with limits that extended from Virginia right into South Carolina. When the “General Missionary Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States for Foreign Missions” was established in 1814 was the last time Baptists attained any sort of identified total nationwide organization in the U. By 1845, the Southern Baptist Convention was established and also Baptists were split over the enslavement concern. Today, this organization is comprised of over sixteen million participants who praise in over 42,000 U. While this association stays the largest Baptist group, many other Baptist associations additionally exist. Baptists exercise baptism of believers just, firmly insisting that the one to be baptized be fully grown adequate to recognize and confess belief in redemption with individual confidence in Jesus Christ. Baptists count on a “gathered” church. churches are arranged congregationally, with each church independent of all others. They all verify that Christ is truth head of each regional church, which is therefore autonomous under Him; however, they likewise verify the associational concept, through which the independent congregations of similar confidence and also order kind organizations and also nationwide conventions for mutual assistance and also motivation, for goal and evangelistic job. Baptists have actually put substantial emphasis on the Improvement teaching of “the priesthood of all believers. Baptists historically have thought highly in spiritual liberty and also in the splitting up of church and also state. Many fans are taught the “Baptist Acrostic Backronym” to help summarize Baptist ideas as follows: B – Scriptural authority (Matthew 24:35; 1 Peter 1:23; 2 Timothy 3:16 -17) A – Autonomy of the neighborhood church (Matt. 6:1 -3) P – Priesthood of all followers (1 Peter 2:5 -9; 1 Timothy 5) T – Two regulations (follower’s baptism and also the Lord’s Dinner) (Acts 2:41 -47; 1 Cor.