The other issue can be that a person speaker could be completely dead and also the songs could not be playing in one speaker. The speakers will either be installed on the door or at the back side of the lorry. In such an instance remove the screws holding the grill. But if there are no screws existing after that attempt to pry the grill with the help of a butter-knife or with the assistance of a flat-head screw driver. Next is evaluating action. Keep an eye out for particular thump audio or pop sound. If there are pop and thump sounds, it can be wrapped up that the audio speaker is in working condition. The cone needs to be inspected if there are any kind of cracks. If this coil or the magnet is fixed, the audio speaker must be changed. The cords have to also be checked for any type of signs of a brief circuiting. In this situation the wiring has to be altered.