What is the role of a Christian Pastor? Do we have a scriptural work description for the very same? From God’s point of view “Every Pastor is an elder as well as every elder has a pastor’s heart”. Let’s comprehend this biblical view extra plainly. Pastor is one more name of elder. Maintaining the honesty of the gospel gets on the pastor’s highest possible callings. Understanding the Spiritual Characteristics of the Pastor’s Authority: * It Is A Ministering Authority– the authority of a shepherd: (Acts 20:28; 2 Cor. * It Is A Simple Authority– The Authority of A Steward (Mk. 3:9; 4:1; 12:7; Tit. 4:10; 5:3 -5). It is not given to him so that he can please himself. The church does not exist to please and also glorify priests; it exists to please as well as glorify the Lord.