Remarkably, Dr. Lutzer’s inspirational teaching do not recognize that their cherished priest as well as leader (as well as his publisher Moody Press) has wandered off from the standard, redemption doctrines of their founders. Lutzer, the learned educator of numerous thousands urges, “Paul speaks of those who will certainly waive specific kingdom benefits due to their sinful lifestyles. Lutzer guarantees paradise to those who practice as well as are even defined by immorality, contamination, idolatry, sorcery or drunkenness!”If several of these sins characterizes their Christian lives, and they refuse to evaluate the wickedness, they will waive the honor of kingdom guideline” (Lutzer, Your Eternal Reward, p. Refuses to evaluate the wickedness? Characterizes? To define, according to Webster’s thesaurus is to be the “distinct attribute. ” Can drunkenness be the identifying attribute of a believer eventually headed for paradise? May the intoxicated stumbling from the neighborhood bar night after night yet be bound for heaven? The male under whose name Dr. Moody, did not believe so! Mr. Erwin W.