We have actually been given a great present from God in his poise. Those that have accepted Jesus as their individual Lord and also Rescuer have likewise gone through an improvement in their life due to the fact that there is no way you can ask Jesus right into your heart without it changing you as a person. If we simply keep it to ourselves as well as only allow other Christians understand our real identity we believe we can develop some sort of safe hideaway from the globe where we will certainly not be hurt. I need to state that I am as guilty as anybody when it concerns this. I have other non believer friends also but I have been guilty of not sharing my conversion experience with them. Talk about conversion experience and being transformed. When I think about being strong, I consider Paul. This is simply one example in the book of Acts where it speaks of Pauls daring. We may not be contacted us to be excellent evangelists as well as preachers however we can allow others know our identity as a Christian.