This baptism website belongs to the expedition path which begins in Jerusalem as well as Beit Lehem, as well as continues right to the Dead Sea. This route likewise consists of “The good Samaritan” site and also Qumran national park, where the Qumran scrolls were found, as well as where John the Baptist, and also probably Christ, studied. Next to the baptism site stands the monastery ofJohn the baptist, which is called” Qasr Al Yahud” (the royal residence of the jews) due to its lovely framework. This was true for Eliyahu the prophet, his student Elisha, and John the Baptist. “This website is packed with historical, religious as well as psychological meanings for millions around the world, as well as has wonderfultouristic potential. ” -Said Tourism minister Stas Misezhnikov-“The Israel ministry of tourist urges globally religious tourism both Jewish and also Christian, and with appropriate as well as concentrated promotion – this site is to be a global tourist attraction and trip website. Visiting the”Monastery land”and baptism website needs to be coordinated with the Israeli parks as well as nature authority by fax: +972 -2 -9947815. Guided scenic tours (for a charge )may be coordinated with the Israeli parks and nature authority by telephone: +972 -2 -6541255.