The majority of the cultural expressions of Barlovento are based on spiritual and entertainment activities that discovered their origins in early american times. The result is that the party of San Juan Bautista all at once looked for contrary purposes; as a device of the church and also masters of the hacienda to surrender the servants to their condition, and as a celebration by the servants as well as their descendants that reaffirmed the telephone call for liberty that burned in their hearts as strong as ever before. The party, which begins on the 23rd of June, contains recommendations of poise, bring the saint to the river in order to shower him, and also making pious offerings. There San Juan will certainly be put on an altar adorned with blossoms, cacao, as well as a selection of fruit. Throughout the day, as always throughout the festival, the drums beat among a proceeding exchange in between a musician and a chorus. The message of the soloist is that if San Juan Bautista knew when he would certainly be recognized, he would gladly boil down from heaven with a crown on his head and also worn black. The action of the chorus is to repeatedly invoke the name of Malembe, the traditional guard of the area who came with them from Africa (Congo). Curiepe is where the initial town of freed Afrovenezuelans was started. One can not fully value its magic unless it is observed first hand. You will certainly not regret it.