Priest bathrobes have actually become a vital part of most churches. You can locate plenty of reasons why churches remain to make use of this age old tradition. Another reason for the bathrobes is that it is utilized to symbolically stand for the Lord when the pastor uses it in front. The robes are not implied to separate the priest from the remainder of the members; it simply functions as a method for individuals to differentiate him as the individual operating under the workplace of the Lord. So far, the custom of using priest bathrobes has held up against the test of time. Another instance of a liturgical item is the alb. This item of garment is typically worn by people from the Catholic, Anglican and a number of Protestant Churches. Most of the time, the color of the alb is usually white; it rises to or near the ankle joint as well as frequently held by a girdle. The clerical collar is one more item of Christian vestment. This is an item that’s easily identified more than the other sort of vestments that the church has. It is made use of as an add-on to the neck area of the minister. Even if the typical color is white, the type would vary depending upon the church denomination that utilizes them. Another identifiable item of garment that church clergy wear is the clergy stole. This is a band of towel developed from silk or cotton hung over the robe or the tunic.